Practice Breathwork at Maple Grove Arts Center to Focus Your Creativity

by | Nov 2019

A woman practices Breathwork.


Artists breathe creativity into art with Breathwork.

Breathing Art at the Maple Grove Arts Center is planned from 6–9:30 p.m. November 21 at the center, 11666 Fountains Drive. During the class, participants will utilize the Breathwork™ method as the key to unlocking the door to full creative consciousness.

What is Breathwork™? Individuals lie down and surrender to their inner shaman, calling in guides, power animals and/or higher power.

The Breathwork™ is opened with drumming, which leads into a very loud and powerful chakra opening musical journey, lasting about one hour. As the individual uses the power of deep connected breathing to create a natural altered dreamlike state, the ego defenses are released, and the journey unfolds in a variety of ways.

After the initial process, each person will create their free flow art piece, which will be on display during the Altered Art Show from November 22–January 2, 2020, at the arts center.

Students must bring everything they need for their art piece, keeping in mind that the art making time will be approximately one hour. (The cost is $110 with the class size limited to eight people.)

Contributed by Lorrie Link, Maple Grove Arts Center


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