Restoration and Repair for a Better-looking Home

Before and after

Call it a reckoning of the season. When the drab of winter softens into the pastel of spring, some home repair or maintenance might be in order. There’s something about spring that makes a homeowner take a second look at things, especially from the outside.

Even a few basic changes can improve the overall appearance of a home. Consider the replacement of a door or siding. An exterior makeover goes a long way in creating a strong first impression. A variation in color can make a personality statement too. The secret is in the quality of materials, planning and application.

The renovation experts at Turnkey Restoration know how to inject new life into a home. Owners Spencer and Melanie Mistelske offer suggestions on how to boost curb appeal. “Front door replacement has a very good return on investment, as well as painting. These are some lower cost options,” Spencer says. A larger budget allows for other transformational upgrades, like options for roofing and siding.

The husband-and-wife team created their Maple Grove-based business to help homeowners take the headache out of exterior projects. Storm damage from wind can happen at any time from rain or hail during warmer months and ice during the winter, so large and small-scale construction is done year-round. Residential hail damage is often the driver, but Turnkey Restoration handles interior and commercial work as well. However, they specialize in roofing, roof inspection, hail damage, siding inspection, siding replacement, roof replacement, vinyl siding and architectural shingles.

Every project is rendered with a keen eye for detail. Little things, like cleaning out gutters, make an impact in a big way. That’s where the Turnkey motto comes into play. “Our goal is to make the construction process as painless and ‘turnkey’ as possible; alleviating stress,” Spencer says. “We are trying to bring customer service back to our industry.”

Tale Of a Restoration

The before and after pictures above show the difference a simple color change can make to a home. After a big storm, Turnkey worked on this home. Roofing, siding, painting and guttering were needed to repair hail damage. Each project took a few weeks to complete. What looks like a simple change can actually be quite complicated. “A lot of time and effort went into ensuring the insurance companies covered all of the damage,” Spencer says. “Once that was settled, the actual restoration began, which entailed a lot of job supervision and tradesmen management.”

What Makes A House “Pop”
- Use contrasting colors to make certain areas stand out more: White or black window trim compliments grey siding.
- Door color: An attractive blue or maroon colored door is an easy way to add a welcoming presence to an entrance.
- Color trends: Avoid very bright colors, shades of army green and other dated 70s colors.
- Simplicity: Black can be a sophisticated timeless color on your house.
- Shapes: Accent home contours.
- Texture: Apply cedar, other woods or contrasting materials.