Review: Maple Grove's Best Wraps and Rolls

Maple Grove foods that are wrapped, stuffed and rolled.
Bacon-wrapped dates from Biaggi's are a little piece of Tuscan sun on a plate.

Everyone has a soft spot for foods of the wrapped, rolled or stuffed variety. Be it sushi rolls with their tender sticky rice and fresh seafood, zesty chimichangas encasing succulent chicken, or fluffy-egg omelets folded over meats and cheeses—diners love a food that’s filling and, well, has a filling. It makes for a delicious little flavor bomb, and we’re suckers for that explosive taste. With that in mind, Maple Grove Magazine decided to forgo the traditional compartmentalized dinner plate (the rigmarole of the traditional meat, ‘taters and peas arrayed willy-nilly). And instead, sought out menu items that are rolled into one neat mouthwatering morsel. Read on to discover what tasty surprises we unwrapped in the neighborhood.

Don Pablo’s
Chicken Chimichanga
Got your phone handy? You might want to Instagram this one. We’re talking about the über-tender chicken chimichanga ($9.99) at Don Pablo’s. This is one classic mess of deliciousness: a soft flour tortilla is stuffed with chicken and spicy tomato sauce, then its deep-fried until golden and served under a warm blanket of melted cheese and ranchero sauce. More interested in a “tasting flight” of sorts? Indulge in an array of yummy flavors when you order the four amigos enchiladas ($11.29). You get four corn tortillas, each rolled up around a different filling: cheese and onion, chicken, beef, and spinach and poblano. Are you still clicking pics on your phone? Or are you diggin’ into those yummy wrapped morsels with wild abandon? 763.416.6024; 7887 Elm Creek Blvd. N.

Fish Taco Wrap
If you’re scanning the horizon for an eclectic neighborhood restaurant to satisfy a grumbling belly, set your sights on Maynard’s. Once you’ve settled into your comfy chair, flag the server and order the fish taco wrap ($10.95–$11.95). This gem is jam-packed with fried walleye, mixed cheeses, shredded lettuce, ranch dressing and a mildly spicy cucumber salsa. For all you vegetarians out there, you’ll be more than happy with the veggie wrap ($8.95). It’s filled with crunchy broccoli, carrots, zucchini, yellow squash, green pepper, onions, mixed cheeses and creamy basil aioli. Would you rather have something that’s of the comfort-food persuasion? Alright—order the butternut squash ravioli ($13.95–$14.95). Each tender pillow bursts with sweet butternut flavor and the whole pile of pasta is coated in a cranberry-butter cream sauce. 763.428.0700; 21415 136th Ave. N., Rogers

Biaggi’s Ristorante Italiano
Bacon Wrapped Dates
Have you been dreaming of Rome, Florence and Naples? Well, short of hopping a plane to bask under the Tuscan sun, you can visit Biaggi’s Ristorante Italiano and have some super-delizioso Italian snacks. Patrons gush about the bacon wrapped dates ($7.99)—and for good reason. These bite-sized beauties showcase fresh, flavor-dense dates marinated in maple-balsamic glaze, wrapped in applewood-smoked bacon, and baked in a hot oven to sweet-n-savory perfection. Another yummy stuffed snack is the fried ravioli ($7.49), which features toothsome pasta pouches filled with spinach and ricotta cheese. The ravioli squares are lightly fried and served with a silky scallion cream sauce. Lastly, you’ll want to grace your table with an order of the stuffed mushrooms ($7.99). These babies are brimming with Italian sausage, spinach and garlic, bathed in white wine and herbed butter. 763.416.2225; 12051 Elm Creek Blvd.

Sweet Basil
Cream Cheese Rolls
Are your taste buds bored? Have they been coasting on a plateau of foodstuffs that can only be described as “blah” and “bland”? Wake your palate back up by going to Sweet Basil, a restaurant that fuses together the spice-laden cuisines of Vietnam, Thailand and China. Here you’ll find a whole mess of deliciousness, succinctly wrapped up into flavorful morsels. We’re big fans of the classic cream cheese rolls ($4)—soft cream cheese nuggets folded inside egg roll wrappers and deep-fried to hot and crispy perfection. Equally tasty are the potstickers ($6). They’re tender little darlings, stuffed with pork and either steamed or fried. And let’s not forget the egg rolls ($4). You get two of these crisp treats, each containing a killer combination of mouthwatering pork, shredded carrots, onions and noodles. 763.391.7362; 9310 Zane Ave. N., Brooklyn Park

Redstone Grill
Ham & Gruyère Omelet
It’s the weekend, and you’ve got your heart set on brunch. Look no further than Redstone, where you’ll find tantalizingly tasty a breakfast folded into an out-of-this-world omelet. There are a number of options, but we’re loving the ham and Gruyère ($12). It’s got a mélange of nutty Gruyère cheese, salty ham, caramelized onions, potatoes and fresh chives tucked inside fluffy egg exterior, served with crispy hash browns and toast. Another great option is the smoked salmon omelet ($12), which offers salmon, goat cheese, asparagus, scallions and fresh dill, also served with hash browns and toast. Don’t forget to ask about the chef’s omelet; it changes biweekly. 763.420.0232; 12109 Main St. N.

Claddagh Irish Pub
Corned Beef and Cabbage Rolls
They have the gift of gab, but the Irish are also quite skilled when it comes to grub. You’ll find rave-worthy appetizers, mains and desserts at Claddagh, a classic Irish pub that’s comparable to any you’d find in Dublin or Galway. Make sure you try the corned beef and cabbage rolls ($6.99). They’re super-popular, and here’s why: you’ve got corned beef, cabbage, potato and jack cheese packed into a wonton and deep-fried to a crisp. The shepherd’s pie ($13.99) is also a stunner. Its flakey crust contains rich ground beef, tender root vegetables, peas, onions and aromatic herbs. The whole shebang is topped with fluffed mashed potatoes. 763.773.7400; 7890 Main St. N.

Kyoto Sushi & Hibachi
Crazy Roll
Sushi rolls are like little works of art—so bold with color and strikingly fresh flavor. You almost don’t want to eat them. Almost, but not quite. At Kyoto Sushi and Hibachi you’ll find rolls up the wazoo. We’re crazy about the crazy roll ($9.99–$10.99), a tightly packed combination of shrimp tempura, cucumber, avocado and crab meat with thick, sweetened unagi sauce. Another showstopper is the Kyoto roll ($12.99), which includes crabmeat, tempura-batter crunchies, cucumber, avocado, and lettuce wrapped with soybean paper, all served with house spicy mayo. And if you’re a salmon lover, you ought to roll with the B.C. roll ($8.99). It sings with the sweet flavors of pink salmon, avocado and cucumber, topped with tiny pearls of tobiko. 763.488.1588; 13751 Grove Dr.