Seeing Clearly

Pearle Vision Family Owners in Maple Grove MN

At Pearle Vision in Maple Grove, work is a family affair. Jim Hawley serves as CEO while his wife, Donna, is co-owner, works on marketing and manages their giving program. She reports to their daughter Brooke Hawley Edwards, the GM and another co-owner of the store. Finally, their younger daughter, Kea Hawley Bull also reports to Brooke, serving as marketing/advertising manager.

At least one family member is on site six out of seven days a week the store is open, with doctors available for exams every day. Aside from the doctors, the Hawleys have trained every member of their knowledgeable staff, creating a sense of closeness and a better, more fun customer experience.

Their location has been the number one volume Pearle Vision franchise in North America since the Hawleys became owners in 2011. Their on-site lab is run by a lab manager with 30-plus years of experience, ensuring customers receive the expert service and product they deserve.
“We know the value of the customer experience and are always investigating and investing in our business to improve that experience,” says Donna. “We try every day to be perfect.”

“Our culture is one of making people comfortable and having fun while they’re choosing their glasses, or if they’re nervous having an eye exam,” says Donna. “Setting ourselves apart is a measure of our success and will be our continued success.”

The Hawleys are heavily invested in their community. They have never turned down a high school team looking for support and have sought out teams in the past. They also provide screenings to elementary students in ISD 279 for near vision, eye muscle function and depth perception, and donate eye exams and glasses to children who the district nurses deem to be in need.

All frames are purchased personally by Brooke who attends the National Vision Expos twice a year to seek out the best on the market. Their business has one of the largest selections of frames and sunglasses in the Upper Midwest.

“We don’t sell anything we wouldn’t wear ourselves,” says Hawley. “We are proud of our selection of frames and lenses and that we are able to offer quality product to everyone, regardless of their budget”.

13195 Weaver Lake Rd
Maple Grove, MN