Sensational Soaps

A bonding activity turns into a profitable, fun business.
Sweetie Pie Soaps

Sweetie Pie Soaps officially began in August 2016, but Liz Herda and her mother, Susan Gower, have been making soap since 2013. Their adventure began as a mother-daughter bonding activity when Herda came back to Maple Grove on weekends during college. “My mom and I wanted something to do together,” Herda says.

“The first time it took hours, but through trial and error we were able to make quality batches,” she explains. It takes about three weeks to make a batch of 10 bars, with most of the time used to cure the soap. Herda and Gower have since mastered the art of soap-making and continue to test different variations.

One of their most popular items is the sweet lavender soap. The all-natural ingredients used to create this bar moisturize and nourish the skin without harmful chemicals often found in store products.