Spavia Brings a New Brand of Self-care to Maple Grove

by | Sep 2019

The staff of Spavia, a new spa franchise in Maple Grove offering massages, facials, beauty treatments and more.

Photo: Chris Emeott

Spa franchise Spavia opened its new location in Maple Grove in May, bringing its take on massages, facials and beauty treatments to the area.

Discussions around self-care are broadening. These days, it’s hard to find someone who isn’t on board for spending some time with a beauty mask on or partaking in some sort of beauty, relaxation or health regime. But self-care is expanding in other ways, and there’s another addition to Maple Grove’s self-care scene. Spa franchise Spavia opened its new location in Maple Grove in May, bringing its take on massages, facials and beauty treatments to the area.

Spavia Maple Grove owner Cristina Nolte is pleased with the chance to give clients an opportunity to look after themselves a little more easily, but she didn’t always see herself going this business direction. “I had been contemplating moving from the corporate world to having my own business,” Nolte, a Maple Grove resident, says. “My husband, Josh, and I always had thought that we would look into a business that could take us through retirement. We just weren’t sure what.”

“I came across Spavia and immediately was intrigued by the brand,” Nolte says. “I have always enjoyed spa experiences and found it essential to take care of myself when I was traveling for work. I became drawn to Spavia because of its resort-like feel, but it’s also affordable to enable people to go more often.”

Spavia wants its guests to take advantage of the luxury that comes with a booking. “When our guests arrive, they are escorted to the restroom, where they can change into a spa robe and sandals,” Nolte says. “Spavia has two retreat rooms, one for men and one for women. In the retreat rooms, our guests can enjoy a warm neck wrap, teas and water … as they wait for their therapists. This will allow guests to escape from their busy lives and take time to relax so they can … thrive.”

For those interested in dipping their toes into the spa experience but aren’t quite sure where to start, Nolte recommends a body wrap (because this spa offers more than just massages and skincare services). “Winters can be tough,” she says. A body wrap will help exfoliate and hydrate parched skin, with which all Minnesotans are familiar.

Spavia offers three types of body wraps, including nourishing antioxidant, purifying detox and anti-aging perfecting. Each body wrap cleanses the skin, leaving clients feeling baby soft. And if that’s not convincing enough, body wraps also come with a scalp massage—perfect for relieving stress and inviting relaxation.

For skincare savvy clients, Nolte recommends the service gaining traction in the spa world—hydraderm. Hydraderms exfoliate and hydrate skin with quick results. “[The serum] is driven into the skin for better results,” she says. “Product lines that Spavia carries are result-driven, yet not filled with harmful ingredients or preservatives.”

New clients can opt in for discounted massages or signature facials with Spavia’s new client special, which is available through the website. Instead of paying the full price of $99, new customers can get either service for $59.

Those returning to Spavia, or maybe someone who isn’t interested in a typical spa service, should check out the spa’s options for beauty, Nolte says, which include eyelash extensions, a “sunless tanning treatment” and waxing.

Nolte urges customers to continue their self-care routine even after they’ve left the spa, feeling pampered and refreshed. To keep skin thriving, she says, sunscreen is a necessity, no negotiation. Sun damage has no part in anyone’s self-care routine.

Appointments can be made through Spavia’s website or by calling the Maple Grove location.

Spavia Maple Grove
11732 Elm Creek Blvd. N.; 763.923.700
Facebook: Spavia Day Spa – Maple Grove


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