Tanya Cully’s Photo: Double Play

America’s favorite pastime is the best part of the spring season for many Minnesotans.

The month of April brings the notorious aspects of the spring season, such as
April Fool’s Day and rainy weather. But perhaps most important, it brings the
official start to baseball season. Baseball is truly America’s favorite pastime,
and for many Minnesotans, it is the best part of their spring and summer. It
provides the opportunity for players and sports fans of any age to come together
and make lasting memories. Tanya Cully of Maple Grove captured one of those
moments last June at her son’s baseball game.

When Cully snapped this picture, titled Double Play, at Kerber Park, she was
simply trying to get a good action shot of her son throwing a pitch. She never
expected to get lucky with the photo which received honorable mention in the
Events category of the Focus on Maple Grove photo contest.

Cully considers herself an “enthusiastic amateur” since she has no formal
photography background. Nature and scenic photos are her favorite to capture,
however she is not too picky when it comes to deciding on a subject to shoot:
“If I have a camera in my hand, I will shoot whatever is handy,” she says.

No doubt this baseball season will provide plenty of “handy” action subjects
for her enthusiasm and her Lumix DMC–FZ18 camera.

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