They’re the bursts of color that catch your eye as you go 60 miles per hour along Highway 94, and the intricate clusters of blooms you see protruding from stems along Maple Grove walking paths.

Dog Lovers know how great the dog park is at Elm Creek Park Reserve, and it was inevitable that others would find out about it, too.

Gary and Conny Jay’s garden started 23 years ago as a small flower bed, created under a tree to make mowing easier. Over the years it grew, right along with their knowledge of gardening and their desire to create a peaceful retreat around their home.

When Ed Reichow landed new Maple Grove clients in 2012, he had no idea he was starting an award-winning project.

It might drift in as a slow dawning awareness, or it could hit you with lightning clarity. Each spring, Maple Grove residents are delighted as migrating birds arrive in bunches.

In March 2010, Maple Grove Magazine featured a story about the home of Rewati Teeparti and Srinivas Gazula, as they had just installed a geothermal heating and cooling system to c

Beat the Frost

Summer is the ultimate time for travel. But you don’t have to hop on a plane
every time you want to experience something extraordinary: there’s plenty to see
right here in Minnesota. With the help of travel expert Ruby Singh, learn about