Ten Sushi Brings Authentic Japanese Flavors and a Fresh, Global Vibe to Maple Grove’s Foodie Scene

by | May 2018

Dragon Roll from Ten Sushi

Dragon Roll from Ten Sushi. Photo: Emily J. Davis

“Ten” is one of the few words that has meaning in both Japanese and English. When owner Heather Lin and her partner and restaurant veteran, Ming Wu, were first dreaming about a new sushi spot, they thought it the perfect fit. “Sky” in Japanese, the name reflects a feeling of fresh air for Maple Grove diners.

“It’s modern, neat—not a big space—and clean and relaxed. There’s a lot of light,” Lin says, drawing a parallel to the restaurant’s name and intentional vibe it gives to visitors.

Ten Sushi is rooted firmly in Japan, with classic sushi, tempura and hibachi dishes crafted with the freshest ingredients and most authentic methods. But there’s an American flare, too, with updated décor and vintage-looking accents and light fixtures thrown in for texture. The quick service and lunch specials are perfect for the corporate lunch crowd, while an extensive kids’ menu welcomes families.

There’s a whole line-up of imaginative rolls, including a Maple Grove Roll, which Lin says strikes the perfect balance between adventure and familiarity. “There’s spicy tuna and cucumber, which is popular in a regular roll—but elevated a bit with king crab, avocado, masago and spicy mayo,” Lin says. “It’s not too strange or exotic. You will not go wrong with it!”

The Angry Dragon is another fan favorite, with crunchy shrimp tempura playing off smooth avocado, served with spicy lobster and mango in a sweet sauce. Weekly specials feature one of Ten Sushi’s many signature rolls at a deep discount, giving visitors a chance to try something new without making too much of a commitment.

“We hope people ask questions, and we’ll answer anything and explain what things are. We want people to try new things, so we try to be accommodating,” Lin says. “Japanese food is something different—it’s meant to be an experience.”

Asian-inspired Blooms

Maple Grove Floral is under new ownership but remains a local go-to spot for gorgeous blooms. Floral designer and wedding coordinator Cindy McDonald shares her suggestions for pulling off an Asian-inspired tablescape that will wow with any dish—or all by itself.

The shop carries a variety of ceramic and glazed pottery, so you can mix and match blooms to fit any aesthetic.

Asian design is all about contrast and drama, much like sushi. Dramatic and exotic, orchids are a great way to add modern pops of color. At Maple Grove Floral, orchids come in a variety of sizes—with complementary, colorful containers.  Pick up a 2”, 4” or 6”-diameter pot ($19.99-$74.99). Or, snag a few stems of cymbidium orchids ($40 per stem in pink, burgundy, lime green or white). Submerge them in water—inside a cylindrical glass vase—for a surprising twist.

“Wheatgrass is huge right now,” says McDonald. Pick up a 4.5”-diameter pot ($4.95) or a 10”x20” tray ($39.99). “A few trays together make an excellent runner, and you can even nestle a few orchids on top,” McDonald says.

Add a contrasting color and edgy geometry with folded napkins reminiscent of origami. “Tuck a flower inside for an extra touch,” McDonald says.


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