A Unique Service Provides Trusted Care for Newborns and Infants

Ellen Roeser, owner of North Star Newborns, with client Melissa Stratton's baby, Liv.

Former Maple Grove resident Ellen Roeser, mother of three children and grandmother of two grandchildren, watched the struggles of her oldest daughter’s friends as they had babies and didn’t know where to turn for care. They either didn’t have family close by to rely on, or they were forced back into the workforce and didn’t know where to turn for reliable child care. Roeser honed in on this struggle, along with her love for babies, and came up with a concept over two years ago that would help alleviate these child care problems—North Star Newborns.

Fast forward to October 2017, and her concept became a reality. Roeser’s sole focus is providing experienced, educated and loving care for babies that span in age from birth to 12 months. She works with a variety of families whether it be stay-at-home moms, who need a few hours of sleep or need to go to a doctor’s appointment without baby in tow, to those who are finishing their education and need to attend class. Roeser also assists couples needing a date with each other, those wanting to delay sending their babies to day care and parents who can’t secure a day care because waiting lists are so long. Her hours range from 7 a.m.–10 p.m., seven days a week. Rates vary and are based on the experience of the nanny. Additionally, special circumstances are taken into consideration. 

“The sole responsibility we provide is to offer high quality care for newborns to 12 months of age,” Roeser says. “We offer one-on-one professional care, focusing on the baby by caring for the baby, sterilizing bottles and keeping their area clean and safe.” The care also provides safety and security that can help put parents at ease and alleviate any stress by knowing their babies are well cared for.

Roeser’s qualifications speak for themselves. She has more than six years of experience as a professional nanny, completed all Dona required reading and workshops on infant care, is a member of the International Nanny Association and the Newborn Care Specialist Association and a former La Leche League member and leader.

Melissa Stratton, a current client of North Star Newborns, has been using the services since shortly after her baby was born in November 2017.  “I had to go back to work earlier than the typical maternity leave,” she says. “North Star Newborns is amazing. It is such a relief going to work and not having to worry about my baby. Ellen is amazing.”

Due to the high demand and popularity of her business, Roeser hired additional caregivers: Hannah Struck, a labor and delivery nurse; Anna Maria Jude, experienced mother of 10; and Jenna Farley, experienced nanny and newborn caregiver.  Struck, Jude, Farley and Roeser are CPR certified and follow the Parents League guidelines on baby care. They also work with each family to determine the unique needs of the baby and the desires of the parents, as well. In addition, Roeser provides baby care training and ongoing support to nannies.

Roeser completes background checks on staff  members who she hires, and they will either have 10 plus years of experience as a nanny or be a registered nurse.
Professionalism is paramount, as staff wear uniforms, along with name tags, so they are easily identifiable, and trust can be instilled the minute a parent opens the door and opens their home to North Star Newborns.

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