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by | Mar 2023

March/April 2023 Maple Grove Magazine

Even though spring is a time of newness, it’s a season that always makes me feel a little nostalgic. The chirp of black-capped chickadees, a newly bloomed lilac bush and petrichor take me back to my childhood home—the home where my mom homeschooled me, where my brother and I pretended that our couch was a boat taking us out to sea and where my dad would read to me until I fell asleep. Home isn’t just a place to eat and sleep; it’s a place to create memories that come flooding back at spring’s first rain.

Even if you’re like me and memories bloom like flowers on a tree, spring is still a great season to start anew. From spring cleaning to finally adding that new coat of paint in your bathroom to tackling your to-do list, fresh starts can happen right at home. If you’re looking for expert advice or inspiration, you may want to consider checking out the Maple Grove Home Show. Or if it’s your antique furniture that needs to be revitalized, learn more about Relic Remodels by Shayne in our article Mid Century Modern Classics Get an Upgrade.

No matter what your spring ritual may be, note and cherish those things that bring you back in time. Whether it’s spring cleaning with the family, trying a new hobby or refurbishing your furniture, enjoy your fresh start.

Cheers and happy trails,

-Malena Larsen

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