Priorities Defined Updates Maple Grove Kitchen

A remodel of a 1980s home welcomes a new era.
A new ceiling texture, flooring, refinished cabinets, under-cabinet lighting, updated hardware and a granite countertop help this kitchen host yet another decade of family-centered activity.

Many of the homes in Maple Grove were built in the 1980s, and their interiors reflect the trends of that era. After three years in one such home, the Lee family decided it was time for a contemporary makeover. They hired Priorities Defined for a basic kitchen remodel.

According to Priorities Defined co-owner Joe Hauglie, the family was well-prepared with an idea of the specific materials, colors and finishes they wanted for the update. “They worked with a designer that they know—we have designer contacts if our customers need a recommendation,” Hauglie says. “Some people don’t feel comfortable about figuring out what is current or picking the right colors.”

The initial plan was to focus on the kitchen, but soon Priorities tackled other areas of the house as well. “Once we were in there and they saw our work and felt comfortable, they asked us to do other things in [the] home, which is pretty typical.” Hauglie says. “We did minor bathroom updates, added fixtures, hung mirrors and installed new artwork to go with the updates.

We also hit the front entryway, dining room, floors and main-level ceilings.” The project took several months. The scope of the work included replacing tile floors in the kitchen and entry with hardwood, and refinishing cabinets with under-cabinet lighting and updated hardware. Priorities scraped the old popcorn ceilings and sprayed them with a new knockdown finish throughout the home, and installed new electrical fixtures such as recess lighting and dimmers. The outmoded gold-tone hardware was replaced with more stylish oil-rubbed bronze to complement a new kitchen sink, and a granite countertop completed the modern look.

Hauglie admits that every project has little surprises, but he and partner Bob Payne take extra care to understand the scope of work during the initial client meetings. “Not all clients know what they need to do, so we try to get a very clear sense of what they want to have done and include that in our initial bid,” Hauglie says. “We pride ourselves on being inclusive; we add in everything right away. It might not be the lowest bid, but we stay within the first number that we quote.” Priorities stresses clear communication so that the client always knows where they stand financially. If a client doesn’t have the budget to do everything on their remodel list, Priorities helps define the project’s priorities and if necessary, complete it in phases.

The Maple Grove family of five that hired Priorities Defined for this remodel chose the firm with care. “Like any other consumer, we contacted two or three places, met with each and went over their vision,” says homeowner Cheri Lee. The family was delighted with every step of the job: the initial meeting, the working process and the finished product. “They were very respectful and made sure everything was cleaned up every day so we were comfortable at home even while they were working,” she says.

New stainless steel appliances added a more contemporary look in the kitchen. “Priorities was OK with other companies doing the appliance installation and would make sure they got it done so I didn’t have to worry about finding someone else,” Lee says.

Bob Payne is a master carpenter, concrete, draining, drywall, electrical, and plumbing. “Whether we do the work ourselves or manage other contractors, Bob’s well-rounded background plays well from start to finish of a project,” says Hauglie.“We love hanging out at the kitchen island; it works for the family and we will use it for years to come,” says the happy mother in her new space. “My kids love it; it’s just what we wanted.”//