Snickers: The Dog that Defies the Odds

A Lhasa-Apso, Bichon Frise mix lives beyond expectation.
Snickers and Chris Paul

Eighteen years ago, Snickers chose the Paul family before they could pick him, when he waddled over to them out of a litter of Lhasa-Apso, Bichon Frise mix puppies. “Immediately, I knew he was the one for our family,” says Chris Paul. Today, Snickers is 18 ½ years old (that’s 88 in dog years), has surpassed the typical lifespan of this type of breed by six years, and remains free of serious health issues.

Snickers belongs to a loving, nurturing family (which also includes Chris’s husband Bob and their adult children Austin and Jesse) that provides frequent long walks, but Chris believes their morning meditations together have also helped Snickers grow to a healthy old age. As a strong believer in mental therapy, Chris used to spend most mornings in silent meditation, and Snickers was right by her side before they began the day.

For more information about both the Lhasa-Apso and Brichon Frise breeds, check out the American Kennel Club website.