Two Stories Become One in This Month's Book Recommendation

The cover of "Light Over London" by Julia Kelly
"Light Over London" by Julia Kelly brings together two seemingly unrelated tales of family drama.

Light Over London by Julia Kelly begins when Cara Hargraves, an antiques appraiser, is clearing out an estate and discovers a tin box. She pries it open to find a World War II era journal and a picture of a soldier. She takes it upon herself to find the owner of the journal.

The year is 1941; Louise Keene, a 19-year-old shop girl, has a dream to go to California. Her cousin talks her into attending a dance, where she meets RAF fighter pilot Paul Bolton. Louise and Paul fall in love, over the objections of her mother. When homelife becomes intolerable, Louise joins the British Army and becomes a Gunner Girl.

Cara, a recent divorcee, learns that her mom and grandmother had an argument just before Cara’s parents died in a car accident. Every time she asks Gran about it, her grandmother refuses to tell her. With help from her new neighbor, Liam, a professor of history at Barlow University, they are able to tie the two stories together.

Contributed by Laurie Stieg, Hennepin County Library-Maple Grove.